Welcome, from the Paxos Family! Since 2001 we've been proud to serve up huge gyros and fine Mediterranean cuisine to our guests. We now offer five locations in Stark and Summit County and we hope you'll visit one soon. You'll appreciate the big brand look and feel of our restaurants and you'll love the local, hometown people who make up our wonderful team.

Our roots inherently come from Greece, situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Greece’s unique cultural history has shaped its cuisine and we believe in the wholesome, healthful benefits of all that the Mediterranean cuisine has to offer.

Papa Gyros captures the Greek experience down to each individual ingredient and delivers the extraordinary flavors of Greece to ordinary life.

Our food is fresh and healthy; nourishing body and soul. Our menu reflects our dedication to wholesome ingredients, tasteful proteins, creative combinations, scratch made sauces, and delicious desserts.

Staples of the Greek diet include olive oil, nuts, vegetables, yogurt, and lean meats. In Greek cuisine, fresh ingredients are enhanced with herbs and spices most commonly mint, parsley, basil, oregano, garlic, and cinnamon.

Kalamata Olives and extra virgin olive oil are used in most of our dishes. We use only olives from Southern Greece’s peninsula, Peloponnese the home to Kalamata olives, delivering the smooth, meaty and delicious texture that perfectly accents a dish.

Our Authentic Greek wine list features beautiful reds and whites from different areas of Greece there are hundreds of grape varieties indigenous to the country, and winemaking is a tradition dating back for thousands of years.So please, pull up a chair, and experience the Papa Gyros welcoming hospitality.

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